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My name is Charlie Krusac and I am a fine art photographer.

When we routinely see someone in our daily lives, we see a fluid image of that person. Our eyes take in the “big picture” and our minds fill in the gaps to create the mental images we perceive as reality. Photographs, however, can be a permanent record of every detail of the imperfections of our humanity and are there for us to contemplate and scrutinize for as long as we choose to look. For some, that results in feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy.

I strive to reveal the beauty in life the way I actually perceive it to be, not necessarily as it is. When I create an image, I aspire to show people how others “see” them in a world where we don’t focus on the details. I believe this is a more accurate portrayal of “reality”, than a perfect copy of one’s outward appearance that shows every pore and wrinkle.

The ultimate intent of my work, beyond creating something that is pleasing to experience, is to build self-confidence in the people that come to me. Through my skills as a photographer, along with discretionary use of post-production software, I take the static images I capture, and reveal the person that is in front of me, the way I “see” them. Beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder and I wish to share the beauty I see with the world around me.

I also believe in collaboration. By working together, sharing our thoughts and ideas before the shoot even begins, we can create something more meaningful for you. And because you may not know me yet, I want to repeat this. I honestly want you to share your ideas with me and share in the joy of the creative process.

On a personal level, I'm outgoing without being overbearing, except when I absolutely have to be. There are moments in photography when timing is everything. If we need to stay on track due to changing conditions, I’ll politely take charge and keep us going in the right direction.

I also believe in giving back to the community and have volunteered my services to organizations such as the Special Olympics, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and the Many Faces of Hope for breast cancer survivors. These types of events are always deeply emotional and personally rewarding for those that share in the experience.

Take a look at my work and if it peaks your interest, shoot me a text or PM me or give me a call at 651-600-2551. Emails work too if you prefer. There's never a charge for us getting to know each other or talking about a possible shoot.

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